Tips To Ease Your Dog's Anxiety

15 April 2018
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Dogs can suffer from anxiety for a number of different reasons. Some dogs don't like loud noises from thunder, lightning, wind or fireworks, while other dogs may get anxiety about going in the car, to the veterinarian's office or going anywhere. If your dog has anxiety, he may show it by whimpering or whining, barking, or even cowering and hiding. To help ease your dog's anxiety, there are a few things you can do to help. Read on for some tips.

Give Him A Calm Space

During a storm or any holiday where fireworks may be going off around you, be sure to give your dog a quiet space in the house to sleep and remain calm. If your dog sleeps in a crate, add a blanket over the top to make it even quieter, and so he will feel safe. Move his bed to a quiet room in the house away from any windows so he cannot hear what is going on outside. If he needs a little extra snuggle time with you, allow it so he can feel safe. Keep him indoors while the storm is going on and until you no longer hear fireworks outside to keep his anxiety down.

Take Him On Short Car Rides

Take your dog on short car rides often to help ease his anxiety about being in the car. If you do it more often, it may not be quite so scary for him. Also if the only time he goes in the car is when he goes to the veterinarian's office, this may be why he doesn't like the car. Take him other places such as on the quick run to pick up the kids, or to the bank, or to get gas in the car. Don't just take your dog in the car when it's time to go to the vet.

Give Him Anti-Anxiety Medication

Talk to the veterinarian about giving your dog anti-anxiety medication before going to the veterinarian's office, or during bad weather. The anti-anxiety medication will help keep your dog calm to get through the vet visit, the storm or the holiday. Never give your dog any medication that isn't approved by your veterinarian, such as medication that you may take, as you can harm your dog's health.

If your dog suffers from anxiety, talk to a vet hospital like Clovis Veterinary Hospital P A about other things you can do to help make your dog more comfortable and feel at ease.