Winter Weather Safety Tips For Dog Owners

16 October 2017
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It is common for individuals to keep their dogs outside much of the time. While this can give your pet ample room to run and play, it can also expose them to potential health risks from the elements. More precisely, the winter months can be a particularly hazardous time of the year for outside animals. So it is essential for you to keep your dog safe by using several important guidelines.

Protect Your Dog's Feet

Even if your dog spends most of its time inside, you will still need to take it outside for walks. Unfortunately, your indoor dog may have feet that are too sensitive to comfortably handle the cold ground. Additionally, deicing chemicals can also create sores on the pads of your dog's foot, which can be painful and at a higher risk of becoming infected. To protect your dog's feet, you should invest in protective covers for the dog's feet. These covers will easily slide onto your dog's feet so that you can minimize any additional preparations for walking your animal.

Keep The Animal Inside During Winter Storms

When winter storms move through your area, it can be possible for the weather conditions to become extremely dangerous for pets that are left outside. This can be due to the extremely low temperatures, which can be made worse by the water from rain, sleet, or snow. During these weather events, you should always bring your animal inside until the storm has stopped and the temperature has risen to safe levels. While you may not like bringing your animal inside, it can be the only way to keep it safe from the serious health issues that exposure to these conditions could create. Severe weather can also exacerbate preexisting conditions, like arthritis; if your dog has a condition that makes it vulnerable to poor weather, schedule a check-up with a vet. Take a look at for more information.

Invest In A Warm Dog House

Keeping your dog warm can be essential for preventing serious winter illnesses, but it can also help to keep your animal from getting into trouble. When the temperature is low, your dog may venture off looking for shelter and warmth. This can lead the animal to go under houses, vehicles, or in other areas that can be hazardous. By ensuring that your dog has easy access to a warm and comfortable enclosure, you can minimize this problem as the animal will be far less likely to go searching for shelter. When choosing an outdoor enclosure for your dog, be sure to choose one that is waterproof as your dog will be unlikely to use the shelter if it is wet on the interior.