Are You Puppy Proofing? 3 Steps To Follow When Your Dog Accidentally Ingests A Toxic Substance

6 October 2017
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Now that you are a proud puppy owner, you have been spending all of your spare time trying to make your house as safe as possible. While keeping toxic chemicals and foods out of your dog's reach goes a long way toward preventing accidents, you must also know what to do if your puppy still somehow ingests a poisonous substance. Unfortunately, accidents happen, and all it takes is a few seconds for your dog to lick at a spill or gobble up something that someone else dropped. Be prepared before an incident happens by knowing these three steps for protecting your puppy's health.

Move Your Pet to Safety

The first thing that you want to do is move your pet away from the toxic substance so that they do not ingest any more. Keep in mind that a dog that has ingested poison may experience symptoms such as tremors or convulsions so make sure that the safe place is low to the ground and away from sharp objects. A dog carrier is a great place to put your pet since it can easily be transferred to the car as you transport your dog to the 24 hour animal hospital.

Identify the Source

Time is of the essence with dog poisoning but it helps the veterinarian to choose the best treatment if you know what your dog has ingested. If possible, identify what your puppy ate, and bring along a label or bottle that lists the ingredients. When you do not know the source, then let the veterinarian know any pertinent details about the event such as where you had taken your dog that day.

Seek Emergency Veterinary Care

Never assume that your dog is fine after they ingest a toxic substance. This is because certain chemicals can burn their mouth or esophagus where you cannot see it. Some reactions to toxins also take time to occur, and it is better for your dog to be in the care of an animal care professional if they do suddenly convulse or begin vomiting. Call your dog's emergency vet and let them know that you are on your way. Once there, they can assess the situation and administer treatments to minimize the serious effects caused by the toxic substance.

The discovery that your dog has ingested a poison is frightening. Yet, it can happen to even the most cautious puppy owner, especially if you spend lots of time outside. By knowing what to do before this emergency occurs, you can keep your dog safe and ensure that they recover well from an accidental poisoning.